Platinum Protection Group

Professional Security Guards, Bodyguards and Business Security Solutions


Unarmed, Uniformed Guards

A cost effective security solution that provides our clients with a highly visible security presence proven to deter crime and unlawful conduct.

Armed Uniformed Guards

Uniformed Armed guards offer a first line of defense against armed intruders and violent offenders in high risk environments.

Off-Duty Police Officers

No other professional security corporation employs more active and retired police officers all with decades of law enforcement experience.

Executive Protection Specialists

Celebrities, Dignitaries, Diplomats and Corporate Executives across the nation trust PPG with all of their personal protection needs.

Security Consulting & Training

No other company recruits and retains such a divers team of highly regarded industry experts in public safety and private security.

Private Investigations

Offering the full spectrum of Private Investigative Services including pre-trial discovery, interviewing and surveillance.

Active Shooter Video for Churches

Generously developed and released by The FourSquare Church.  The President of Platinum Protection Group speaks about responding to an Active Shooter incident in a house of worship.  Most of the lessons here in this video may be applied to any other venue.